UWLX Announces Hybrid Box-Field Format with Olympic Rules Experimentation For Season Four

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BOSTON — The United Women’s Lacrosse League has announced evolutions for the 2019 season to include a box-field hybrid format and experimentation with Olympic-style rules.

In a first for professional women’s lacrosse, the UWLX will take on a box-field format for 2019: the league schedule will consist of box games, played with modified indoor rules and a six-on-six format, and field games, some of which will be played in a small-sided format using an iteration of women’s field rules proposed for future use in the Olympics.

The league’s four teams—the Baltimore Ride, Boston Storm, Long Island Sound and Philadelphia Force—will carry a 12-player roster throughout the season in an effort to accommodate the schedule of athletes, many of whom are NCAA coaches and some of whom are members of the U.S. Women’s Lacrosse Team.

The Season Four UWLX schedule is set to include games at a number of high-profile summer lacrosse events, including two Major League Lacrosse games and two National Lacrosse League games.

Regy Thorpe, an active member of the UWLX Board of Commissioners and the coach of the Long Island Sound, said the changes reflect 3d’s careful attention to ensuring that it can thrive while also tying in to the company’s mission and goal to create training and development opportunities for youth and high school-age players.

“In order for the UWLX to exist and succeed, we’ve got to be ready to let it evolve and improve for everyone involved—general managers, coaches, athletes and fans,” said Thorpe, who serves as 3d’s Chief Lacrosse Officer.

“This game is always morphing, getting faster, more exciting and that’s what the UWLX will do. From the product itself to back-end operations, we’re striving for operational excellence in a sport that, in many ways, is still in its infancy at this level. It’s up to us to see that it develops to be the best it can be.”

Ed Saunders, VP of Sales & Marketing for UWLX sponsor STX Lacrosse, said he’s optimistic to continue working with 3d Lacrosse and the UWLX to improve the league heading into its fourth season.

“STX is excited for the new approach and leadership 3d Lacrosse will bring to the pro women’s concept moving forward,” Saunders said.

“We believe the shift toward the hybrid box-field platform, and its emphasis on speed, transition and individual skill development, will be an exciting product for both the athletes and fans alike. STX was built on the notion of innovation, and 3d Lacrosse’s vision for the future of its women’s pro franchise is perfectly tailored to our brand.”

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About UWLX

The United Women’s Lacrosse League is a Boston-based professional women’s lacrosse league founded in 2016 and operated by 3d Lacrosse. Also known as UWLX, the league features four teams in major sports markets: the Baltimore Ride, the Boston Storm, the Long Island Sound and the Philadelphia Force. The league is sponsored by STX Lacrosse in Baltimore. Follow the league on Twitter at @unitedwlax and on Instagram at @unitedwlax. Learn more at the league’s website at http://unitedwlax.com.

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