UWLX Holds 2018 College Draft, Stony Brook Star Kylie Ohlmiller Selected First Overall

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BOSTON — More than sixty female athletes were chosen Wednesday night in the United Women’s Lacrosse League’s 2018 College Draft, ushering the next wave of stars into the first professional lacrosse league for women.

Overseen by league General Manager Kristan Ash, the UWLX draft featured General Managers and Head Coaches from the Baltimore Ride, Boston Storm, Long Island Sound and Philadelphia Force making selections across 18 rounds.  

The first overall pick – owned by Boston as the result of an off-season trade – saw Stony Brook star attacker Kylie Ohlmiller selected as the top player in the draft.

“Season Three is going to be a really exciting year for the league,” said Boston Storm General Manager Andrew Fink.

“When you look at the level of talent coming out of college, it definitely speaks to an even higher level of play moving forward for the UWLX. You can expect the league’s four teams to build really strong rosters for 2018. We are certainly looking forward to it.”

Nearly 30 different colleges and universities were represented in the draft. Stony Brook was the most represented program with seven players selected.

“This is an exciting step for the United Women’s Lacrosse League under its new management,” said Ash, who also serves as the Senior Manager of 3d Lacrosse’s Mid-Atlantic region.

“There are a lot of incredible players competing in the college ranks and we’re thrilled to give them the opportunity to play the game they love at the professional level. We have a lot to offer them both on and off the field and we know it can help grow the game and opportunities in the sport. Thanks to our partnerships with STX Lacrosse and Nike, we know that this season will be the best season yet for the UWLX.”

More information about the 2018 UWLX season will be announced in the coming weeks.


The full results from the 2018 UWLX College Draft are below:

Round 1

1. Boston Storm – Kylie Ohlmiller, Attack (Stony Brook)

2. Philadelphia Force – Brittany Read, Goalie (Oregon)

3. Boston Storm – Kenzie Kent, Attack/Midfield (Boston College) 

4. Long Island Sound – Shelby Fredericks, Attack (Northwestern)


Round 2

5. Long Island Sound – Maggie Bill, Midfield (North Carolina)

6. Baltimore Ride – Megan Whittle, Attack (Maryland) 

7. Philadelphia Force – Marie McCool, Midfield (North Carolina) 

8. Boston Storm – Ela Hazar, Attack (North Carolina)


Round 3

9. Baltimore Ride – Emily Kenul, Attack (Johns Hopkins)

10. Philadelphia Force – Brooke Gubitosi, Defense (Stony Brook) 

11. Boston Storm – Sheila Nesselbush, Midfield (Northwestern) 

12. Long Island Sound – Maddie Crutchfield, Midfield (Duke)


Round 4

13. Long Island Sound – Taylor Gait, Midfield (Syracuse)

14. Boston Storm – Riley Donahue, Attack (Syracuse)

15. Philadelphia Force – Erica Evans, Midfield (Canisius) 

16. Baltimore Ride – Haley Warden, Midfield (James Madison) 


Round 5

17. Baltimore Ride – Ashtyn Hiron, Defense (Jacksonville)

18. Philadelphia Force – Sam DiSalvo, Midfield (Stony Brook)

19. Boston Storm – Katie O’Donnell, Midfield (Penn State)

20. Long Island Sound – Kasey Behr, Attack (Virginia) 


Round 6

21. Long Island Sound – Mia DiBello, Defense (Syracuse)

22. Boston Storm – Shannon Fitzgerald, Midfield (Johns Hopkins)

23. Philadelphia Force – Elena Romesburg, Midfield (James Madison) 

24. Baltimore Ride – Taylor Hensh, Attack (Maryland) 


Round 7

25. Baltimore Ride – Emily Poelma, Goalie (Jacksonville) 

26. Philadelphia Force – Lindsay Darrell, Defense (Northwestern)

27. Boston Storm – Holly Turner, Attack (UMass)

28. Long Island Sound – Shayna Pirreca, Midfield (Florida)


Round 8

29. Long Island Sound – Aniya Flanagan, Defense (Florida)

30. Boston Storm – Emma Powlin, Defense (Albany)

31. Philadelphia Force – Erica Perrotta, Midfield (High Point) 

32. Baltimore Ride – Emily Rogers-Healion, Attack (UPenn)


Round 9

33. Baltimore Ride – Emily Barton, Defense (Jacksonville) 

34. Philadelphia Force – Carolyn Carrera, Defense (Stony Brook)

35. Boston Storm – Emily Howell, Defense (Louisville)

36. Long Island Sound – Courtney Murphy, Attack (Stony Brook)


Round 10

37. Long Island Sound – Jill Zubillaga, Defense (Oregon)

38. Boston Storm – Danita Stroup, Attack (Northwestern)

39. Philadelphia Force – Maggie Gallagher, Midfield (Penn State) 

40. Baltimore Ride – Kyra Harney, Attack (Duke)


Round 11

41. Baltimore Ride – Molly Cobb, Midfield (Notre Dame) 

42. Philadelphia Force – Drew Shapiro, Midfield (Hofstra)

43. Boston Storm – Michele Scannell, Midfield (Adelphi)

44. Long Island Sound – Allie Pavinelli, Midfield (Florida)


Round 12

45. Long Island Sound – Neena Merola, Midfield (Syracuse)

46. Boston Storm – Jen Reininger, Midfield (Canisius)

47. Philadelphia Force – Kelly Glatthorn, Defense (Virginia Tech) 

48. Baltimore Ride – Kaitlyn Montalbano, Midfield (Towson)


Round 13

49. Baltimore Ride – Emily Gillingham, Midfield (Towson)

50. Philadelphia Force – Amanda Casten, Defense (Rutgers)

51. Boston Storm – Kaileen Hart, Attack (Boston College)

52. Long Island Sound – Marissa Davey, Midfield (Virginia Tech)


Round 14

53. Long Island Sound – Emma Schurr, Midfield (Boston College)

54. Boston Storm – Kathy Rudkin, Defender (Maryland)

55. Philadelphia Force – Alie Jimerson, Attack (Syracuse) 

56. Baltimore Ride – Joey Coffy, Midfield (Cornell)


Round 15

57. Baltimore Ride – Taylor Reed, Midfield (Cornell)

58. Philadelphia Force – Elena Schorr, Defense/Midfield (Hofstra)

59. Boston Storm – pass

60. Long Island Sound – Tiffany Zullo, Defense/Midfield (Stony Brook)


Round 16

61. Long Island Sound – Morgan Conroy, Goalie (St. Bonaventure)

62. Boston Storm – pass

63. Philadelphia Force – pass

64. Baltimore Ride – Alex Condon, Midfield (UPenn)


Round 17

65. Baltimore Ride – Rachel Vander Kolk, Goalie (Virginia)

66. Philadelphia Force – pass

67. Boston Storm – pass

68. Long Island Sound – pass


Round 18

69. Long Island Sound – pass

70. Boston Storm – pass

71. Philadelphia Force – pass

72. Baltimore Ride – Emma Schait, Midfield (Stony Brook)

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